My Favourite Spots in Suffolk

From Suffolk With Love was born from my love of the county of Suffolk where I live. We have such a wealth of amazing creative talent in Suffolk and the natural beauty that we are surrounded by may go some way to explaining that. I thought I would share some of my favourite spots to visit when I want to get closer to nature, or just have a nice day out!

Bawdsey Beach

This may come as no suprise to people that follow me on Instagram, I love Bawdsey beach, it's far and away my favourite place to be. It's also where I take some of my photos for the gift boxes. The beach is half sandy and half stoney, so you can make sand castles or throw stones into the sea, whatever takes your mood that day! There is a lovely walk along the coast or you can simply sit and watch the ferry going to and from Felixstowe. 

Rendlesham Forest

The calm of the forest is truly amazing. It's only 15 minutes drive for us to get there and a firm favourite with all the family. Good for when it's raining and you want to get out, or really hot and you want some shade. But mostly it's wandering around letting the quiet fill you with calm.

Felixstowe Beach

There is a theme to my list....I LOVE the beach! Felixstowe has a lovely sandy beach and a lovely long promenade for a stroll, as well as some fun arcades to keep the kids entertained. I like to bury my feet in the sand and watch the little ones running about. 

Sutton Hoo

I'm a big fan of the National Trust and Sutton Hoo is just round the corner from us. They have just changed it up a bit and have some beautiful walks around the grounds and even better - a brilliant cafe! I love the history of the place and I'm always fascinated by the feeling of ancientness (is that a word?!) you get from being there.

Shingle Street

I knew for ages that Shingle Street existed but only recently visited. I can't believe I missed out for so long. One side of the road is beautiful rolling Suffolk fields and the other is the shingle beach which has a little lagoon that catches the sea water for a slightly calmer sea swim. I can't be the only one that's fascinated by the eclectic mix of stones on the beach, so may colours and shapes I often wonder where they started off in the World.

Dunwich Beach

Another beach I know! Another great spot for a walk or just for admiring pebbles. It's usually quiet compared to Aldeburgh and Walberswick and the fish and chips there are still lovely to sit on the beach with.


I have never been out on the boating lake but I love the colourful boats all lined up each with their name. While the kids are small it's a bit harder to do the walk from Aldeburgh and back without having to carry someone but a stop at the cafe here is always a treat too.

Ickworth House

Another National Trust site and more glorious walks in the countryside. I love the long drive with the sheep grazing at the side. There's always things for the kids to do here and in the holidays they have a big chess set out on the lawn to play. And who can forget the cafe for when you've finished your walk!

So there you have it, basically give me a beach and a cafe and I'm happy! I'd love to hear about your favourite spots and why -  if I haven't already mentioned them :)