Ways to Manage Your Eco Anxiety

News around climate change can be overwhelming, it mostly feels like it's all doom and gloom and that there is so much to do to make things right again. With government inaction and not enough people willing to change from a consumer lifestyle it can all get too much! I have put together some actions to help in those tough times.

Do what you can

Remember that you can't control what other people do but you can control what you do! Make changes that are sustainable for you and make them gradually so you are more likely to keep them up! Try not to beat yourself up for the changes you don't feel you can make quite yet.

Limit your news intake

It can be really stressful watching or reading the news, especially if you have pop ups on your phone. If it's getting too much, turn the notifications off, don't read any articles for a while and stop watching the news on the TV. It will help ease the build up of negativity. 

Look for good news stories

Continuing from above, if you can't turn off the bad news make sure you are also looking for the good news stories! People making a difference or companies that are genuinely changing the way they work to decrease their footprint and reduce their pollution. If you don't subscribe, I recommend the Eco News newspaper, which is full of positive information as well as useful tips. You can subscribe at https://www.theeconews.co.uk/  

You can also get your daily dose of uplifting stories from Suffolk and Norfolk via Folk Features. Find them at https://folkfeatures.co.uk/

Get out into nature

This one is always a huge help for me. Get outside to your nearest green place and soak it in! Notice the wildlife, watch the movement of the trees, go to the beach and listen to the waves. All of these things will help you feel more calm for a time. 

You can also check out the Digital Detox Box, which has 30 connection cards with prompts to help you connect with friends, family and the world around you, as well as some lovely treats for some time away from your tech. You can have a look here.

Find things to be thankful for

Write yourself a list of things to be thankful for, once you get going you may find there are loads of things on there to help lift your mood. Lots of people keep a gratitude journal, or list three things each day, which is a good practice to get into to keep your spirits up. It can be small things like 'enjoyed a quiet cup of tea', or big things like 'cleared out the garage!' (It's on my list!)

Talk, learn, share and take action

Talk to other people with the same values as you. You can give each other ideas, share ways in which you help reduce your impact on the planet, swap recipies, whatever you want. When you have people around you as passionate as you are, it helps to make you feel like you're not alone. 

Lead by example

Be seen to be living your values! If others see some good changes that you've made they may be inspired to follow your lead!  

Always remember that you are doing a great job at making a difference wherever you are on your journey. Together we can change the world :)

Some of these suggestions are inspired by a talk I heard by the Suffolk Mind charity at the Woodbridge Climate Action talks recently. If you are really struggling please talk to someone or search for help on their website https://www.suffolkmind.org.uk/