The Digital Detox Box contents - See Suffolk Magazine, Pump Street chocolate, Shinge Street candle by The Suffolk Candle Co, Bath Salts by Hart Healing Kitchen
See Suffolk Magazine with fern background
Pump Street chocolate 85% Ecuador on forest floor background
Shingle Street candle by The Suffolk Candle Co on shingle background
Bath salts by Hart Healing Kitchen packet and displayed in a jar on the beach
Healthy Bites in forest background for vegan alternative to chocolate
From Suffolk With Love


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We all need a break from technology sometimes. This selection of gifts, in collaboration with See Suffolk, is perfect for a digital detox.

Run a toasty warm bath adding the salts to settle down into. Light the candle to relax and unwind. Read the magazine cover to cover while topping up the hot water and topping up with luxury chocolate!

The Digital Detox Box includes:

  • See Suffolk Magazine* 
  • 250g Pink Rose Buds, Pink Himalayan and Epsom Bath Salts by Hart Healing Kitchen
  • 100g handmade soy wax candle 'Shingle Street' by The Suffolk Candle Co
  • 70g Ecuador 85 Chocolate bar by Pump Street Bakery**

*The current copy runs until end of February but still has loads of brilliant articles about Suffolk small businesses to discover. The discount will apply until the summer magazine is released. £2 for each magazine sold will be donated to the Suffolk Mind charity.

**You can choose to swap the chocolate for a Healthy Bite Discovery Box, box of 6 by Goodtogo Ltd as a vegan option (gluten free and refined sugar free, contain nuts). Just click on the option above.

All products are handmade in Suffolk, plastic free & come in recyclable or compostable packaging.